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Custom Moog Pedalboard 6-16-17

This was a really fun board to put together. Combination vocal and keys effects chains. “Mooged” out with a tour case customized SKB pedalboard. George L custom cables tie it all together! 

Custom Pedalboard Build 7/2016

Here is another custom pedalboard setup.  Featuring a Moddjobbs modified TS-9 and Phase 90, and a custom rehoused footswitch.  By customer request these pedals are affixed to the Pedaltrain Classic 2 with the metal link and screws. No need for Velcro here!  Thanks John! Enjoy 

9 to 18V DC Charge Pump Circuit 

I had a customer request for a circuit to make an older 18 volt chorus pedal more pedalboard friendly.  So i whipped up a simple, useful circuit. 9vdc to 18vdc charge pump. Using a LT1054IP IC, a few caps and 1n5819 Schottky diodes, this is designed to take 9 volts DC and step it up…

Pedalboard Neatening Project 

Just off the bench: I had a customer with a pedaltrain pedalboard. He had spent quite a bit of time selecting the pedals he wanted and contacted me about neatening and solidifying the overall board Here is the before: all the power cabling was on top of the board and a lot of stuff was…