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Tube Amp Repair & Restoration

I have tremendous respect for vintage equipment and components, and sometimes something as simple as matching the brand and type of tube to the particular amplifier can make all the difference in the world tonally.

Custom Tube Amplification

As great and wonderful as all the repairs, modifications, and vintage restorations are, I especially enjoy the opportunities I have to create custom tube amplifier builds for my customers.

NOS & OS Vacuum Tubes

I have a large stock of Quality Tested OS and NOS Vacuum Tubes with more coming in every week

Years of experience repairing, restoring, and optimizing vintage tube amps

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Our customer service guarantees.

Quality Service

No matter what service you are having done, you can always count on the fact that your satisfaction is my number one priority.

Expert Craftsmanship

I treat your instruments and gear like my own. Your equipment will always be returned in better shape than when it came in.


I have over 20 Years experience in servicing, customizing, repairing, and restoring instruments and amplifiers.


I service the local areas of Western Massachusetts because I believe in community, and I want you to be a part of my amp family.

About Us

Ever since I started working at a music store at the age of 16, I have had a passion for the electric guitar and guitar effects. My journey started by rewiring electric guitars, and replacing pickups, and this gradually progressed to doing more advanced modifications, such as on board preamps and active guitar systems.

As a guitarist myself, I found that I was never really 100% happy with the sounds that my effects pedals would produce. I did know quite a bit about sound reinforcement for PA applications, and the importance of selecting the right components for the job at hand.

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