Test Equipment

This will be a Gallery of the Test equipment I have currently. Being updated regularly. Check back soon!

Also, if you have vacuum tubes that you need tested I have a full bench of quality, industry standard test equipment including a Hickok 539C and a Maximatcher among others. Basic testing usually runs between $1-$2 per tube.

The mainstay of my everyday tube testing setup is a Hickok 539C. This has been my main tester for years. The 539C can test many of the later compactron tubes, as well as many older, military tubes.

Hickok 539C

This is the left side of the tube testing station.

The line voltage meter is hooked up to a variac, and allows me to maintain a constant standard line voltage for all testing.
Weston 622 DC MA meter for reading plate current directly off of my Hickok 539C. This is especially helpful for balancing triodes in small signal tubes (12ax7,12at7,12au7 etc.)

The Maximatcher is used to test tubes at real world operating voltages. This is a great piece of kit, especially used in conjunction with the 539C. I’ve used it to match and burn in many pairs and quads of tubes with great real world success.

Maximatcher, Line voltage monitor and Weston MA meter

Recently, I have also added the complimentary Maxi-Preamp II which tests preamp tubes at real life operating voltages as well! This will screen tubes for gain, and excess noise.


Maxi -Test Maxi-Preamp 2

My bench oscilloscope is a Tektronics 2213 dual trace 60MHz. Invaluable for troubleshooting and calibration.

Tektronix 2213 O-Scope