NOS and OS Vacuum Tubes

I have large stock of Quality Tested OS and NOS Vacuum Tubes with more coming in every week! I will be working on an efficient way to integrate my inventory into this website. Until then, please check out my eBay store account at EBAY ID: MODDJOBBS

Contact me if there are any tubes you are looking for. I have many more available than I can list at this point in time!

Also, if you have vacuum tubes that you need tested I have a full bench of quality, industry standard test equipment including a Hickok 539C and a Maximatcher among others.

Basic pricing for Vacuum tube testing:

Testing on the 539C for Mutual conductance, shorts, leakage  $2 per tube

Audio testing of common audio tubes (After 539C Test) $2 per tube

Matching Power tubes on Maximatcher at real world operating voltages. $2 per tube