Guitar Pedal Modifications

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I can create a custom modded pedal that is perfectly suited for your needs. Many stock pedals can benefit from the modifications and high quality parts that I use. Standard Mod Services start at $45 dollars. Drop me an email detailing what guitar pedal you are interested in making better, and we’ll discuss what I can do to make that happen!

Pedal modifications include but are not limited to:

  • BD-2 Blues Driver
  • CH-1 Chorus
  • CS-3 Compresser/Sustainer
  • DS-1 Distortion
  • GE-7 Guitar Equalizer
  • MT-2 Metal Zone
  • TR-2 Tremelo

Ibanez TS-9 and all TS series pedals
Vox/Crybaby Wah Pedals

Fuzz Face
MXR Distortion Plus
Proco Rat
Danelcetro Daddy-O
Danelectro Fabtone
And many. many more

I can troubleshoot many problems with pedals. If It’s not something I can fix cost effectively, I will not charge you for looking into it. Simple as that.

Modifications include, but are not in any way limited to:

Many guitar pedals can benefit from the true bypass modifications. I can also add an LED check light if the pedal does not already have one.

Ibanez Tubescreamer (Ts-9, 808, TS-10 or any other variation) The stock Tubescreamer reduces bass response when the effect is engaged. There is also a bit of disconnect that happens; It feels like you’re playing through a pedal and not through an amp. This mod makes the pedal much more like an extension of the original guitar signal by adding more dynamics to the overdrive. The harder you play, the more clipping will occur. Also, I can install true bypass switching, and my own Voltage control to double your gain, or cool it down so it just breaks up around the edges; more like a vintage amp than a pedal. This is my GOLD STANDARD signature modification with dozens of happy customers.

Boss pedals:

  • TR-2 (Reduce noise and hiss, and add clean volume boost pot so the pedal can be used as a clean boost when the depth control is down) Also takes care of the volume drop experienced when the effect is turned on.
  • BD-2 Blues Driver (Mod removes “Fizziness” and adds low end response. makes overdrive tone much sweeter, more dynamic, and allows the pedal to clean up at low gain volumes
  • Cs-2, and Cs-3 Compressor mod for reduced hiss, and noise. much more transparent tone
  • CH-1, CE-5, Better tone, and less noise
  • GE-7, GEB-7 Mod for much less hiss and noise, custom tone shaping options as well
  • MT-2 Metal Zone
    Widen EQ Sweep to include a much wider frequency range. Remove “Quacky” and squished midrange problem. Much more responsive distortion.
  • Ds-1 Can be modded in so many cool ways! Tone it down ,or make it a heavier, thicker crunchy metal distortion.

Vox Wah, Dunlop Wah.

True Bypass Modification to remove the high end tone loss that occurs while in bypass mode. I also remove the volume drop that usually occurs when the pedal is typically engaged. I can also custom voice the sweep, and peak frequency of the wah. ( A more vocal and even, sweet Waaaaaaaoooohhhhhh or a more vintage sounding short “Wahh”)

Add a standard 9v power supply jack, and filtering/protection circuit to any older wah for $25.00
And the list goes on and on! This is just a sampling of the many ways guitar pedals that can be improved and modified! Standard pedal modifications start at $45.00 +shipping and large parts (Switches, Potentiometers, Etc.)
Email me with what are you looking to modify, and I’ll be able to give you a list of modifications and quote
based on the work that is needed to accomplish that! I can also repair guitar pedals that are not functioning properly. I have many of the most commonly found components in stock, and can order most anything that I do not have on hand. If I cannot fix it, then I will not charge you for the repair. It’s as simple as that.

Looking forward to helping you in that quest for the perfect tone! Contact me today!