Custom Moog Pedalboard 6-16-17

This was a really fun board to put together. Combination vocal and keys effects chains. “Mooged” out with a tour case customized SKB pedalboard. George L custom cables tie it all together! 

Custom pedalboard build

A little something for you pedal people! This build is centered around a true bypass Rocktron Floor 8 true bypass looper, and featuring a custom Moddjobbs modified TS-9. Power supply is CAE mc-403. (Mounted underneath the board). All cabling was hand soldered and custom made for this project. After everything was laid out, all pedals …

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Pedalboard project

Just out of the mod shop: a pedalboard designed around a custom switching matrix pedal that I engineered and built for this application. This allows an amp with two separate channel inputs (eg: ac30) to have one channel set for clean with the effects chain, and then he second channel to be optimized for the …

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