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Ever since I started working at a music store at the age of 16, I have had a passion for the electric guitar and guitar effects. My journey started by rewiring electric guitars, and replacing pickups, and this gradually progressed to doing more advanced modifications, such as on board preamps and active guitar systems. As a guitarist myself, I found that I was never really 100% happy with the sounds that my effects pedals would produce. I did know quite a bit about sound reinforcement for PA applications, and the importance of selecting the right components for the job at hand.

To me it stood to reason that if the parts used in a pedal were not fitted perfectly to that job, then it would not function to the best of it’s ability. I decided to learn more about the parts of a typical effects pedal and to learn what could be changed to get the sound that I was hearing “should” be there. Soon, I began to experiment with my own gear making changes and listening to the effect that they had on the tone of my pedals. I bought books, and many different components, experimenting with all the different ways of getting that perfect tone! A lot of my guitarist friends heard the sounds that I was getting out of these familiar little boxes, and asked me to do the same to their pedals.
ModdJobbs was born.

I have expanded my optimization and repair services to both vintage and modern tube amplifiers, and have a full compliment of both current and vintage test equipment and parts in order to service your equipment in the most thorough way possible. I am the electronics tech for Wood Bros Music in Pittsfield, Ma, and we have a shared commitment to provide top quality products and service.

Most importantly, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and an ordained Pastor of Worship. It’s my desire to use the musical and engineering gifts and talents that God has given me to represent both His passion and excellence, and make a difference during the time that I have been given here on this earth.

Please feel free to Contact me with any questions that you may have. I love talking tone!

Kind regards,
Nick Winnard

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people” Ephesians 6:7