1966 Ampeg Portaflex Fliptop B15N. Schematic.

A little maintainence on a personal amp of mine. I acquired this in rough order. It had been used very lightly and had sat in an attic since. As so, every electrolytic capacitor In the amp was not up to spec. Most notable, the main filter node in the cap can had failed completely. All the tubes were original, and still test strong.   
Here’s a picture of the schematic that was inside this particular amp. 
  After replacing a few burned out bulbs, the acrylic logo came back to life. I also updated the stock power cable with a 3 prong.  

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  1. The schematic is dated 1-64. You may have a 1964. Check the pots for date codes, if they are dated 62-63 or 64. The 1964 amp is cathode biased and the 1966 is fixed bias. Either way you have a very nice amp.

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