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Custom Pedalboard Build 7/2016

Here is another custom pedalboard setup.  Featuring a Moddjobbs modified TS-9 and Phase 90, and a custom rehoused footswitch.  By customer request these pedals are affixed to the Pedaltrain Classic 2 with the metal link and screws. No need for Velcro here!  Thanks John! Enjoy 

9 to 18V DC Charge Pump Circuit 

I had a customer request for a circuit to make an older 18 volt chorus pedal more pedalboard friendly.  So i whipped up a simple, useful circuit. 9vdc to 18vdc charge pump. Using a LT1054IP IC, a few caps and 1n5819 Schottky diodes, this is designed to take 9 volts DC and step it up…

Pedalboard Neatening Project 

Just off the bench: I had a customer with a pedaltrain pedalboard. He had spent quite a bit of time selecting the pedals he wanted and contacted me about neatening and solidifying the overall board Here is the before: all the power cabling was on top of the board and a lot of stuff was…

1966 Ampeg Portaflex Fliptop B15N. Schematic.

A little maintainence on a personal amp of mine. I acquired this in rough order. It had been used very lightly and had sat in an attic since. As so, every electrolytic capacitor In the amp was not up to spec. Most notable, the main filter node in the cap can had failed completely. All…